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How to Write a Social Science Research Paper

A social science research paper is one that is written by scientists of professionals who are in the field of human social sciences.

The following tips are applied by anybody aspiring to write a powerful social science paper. The topic should be first chosen. The writer should consider whether he will be able to find all in the information in the chosen topic and whether he will be able to carry out research in the area before choosing a particular topic. Detailed information should then be sourced for that topic.

A social science paper outline should first be developed. This is also known as a blueprint. It helps the writer to arrange their thoughts and makes the research paper logical. All the points of the blueprint should be related on the chosen topic. If the writer has any guides, he should ask for guidelines from them. During the researching process, it is advisable for the writer to take notes.

A social science paper is an argument. It clearly states a position and supports it. The thesis statement is also important in writing a good social science paper. This is a statement that clearly expresses the writer’s argument. It can also be referred to a statement that can be supported with evidence. The statement should be focused. It should not be too broad.

A writer requires evidence for research paper writing. It is important for him to ensure that the evidence supports his thesis. The writer should then clearly explain to the readers why the evidence supports the thesis. The evidence should be well presented. Both primary and secondary sources are required to source the evidence. Primary evidence means that the writer gets his research by working in the field. Gathering primary data involves issuing questionnaires to people or granting oral interviews. Secondary evidence on the other hand requires the writer to research using books, periodicals and journals. A variety of sources should be used here. Either three or four sources are adequate.

Proper grammar and spelling should be observed when writing a social science paper. The writer should make use of word processing programs, as they have corrective tools that can be used to spell check the work.bibiliography and citations are important .they helps the reader to prove that the author is using his evidence well. They also show where the evidence was sourced. Citations like MLA, APA and CHICAGO should be used.

The research paper should be well organized and presented. It should apply the following format. First of all, the introduction should be written. This should guide the readers and enable them to follow the writer’s argument. After the introduction, the thesis statement should follow. The main points that will be used to support the evidence should be written .In the body of the social science research paper, the writer should lay out his evidence.

The conclusion should then include the restatement of the evidence. Implications or applications of the argument should also be discussed in the conclusion.

When writing a social science research paper, a rough draft should first be written. This should then be proof read and spell checked for any errors to produce the final draft. Works cited should also be well quoted.


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